Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Night's Game

Okay... I haven't posted in a while. I've started keeping notes during my games of things that worked and things that didn't. Of course, then I forget to bring my notes with me to the office. (I don't surf the web much at home because I'd rather spend my time playing with my little girl). Anyway... here are some of the things I learned last night.

  • The Nashorn is a mean sonofabitch... unless you are up against a plane, or let your enemy flank you with two units (a sling shot could take this guy out if he's being fired on from behind).
  • The sGrW 34 81mm mortar is nice, but the range is 16, so sit his @$$ way back in the rear of the field. He can reach everything but the far corners of the map.
  • The Disciplined Spotter has great speed on the field, and you must have him to utilize the mortar efficiently. Be careful not to put him in too close... if you lose him, you lose the effectiveness of the mortar. (I think next time, I'll try to bring two spotters; though, they're somewhat expensive). Also, I didn't bring any air power, but I'm sure a plane would have been somewhat devastating to nearby units.

Okay, here's the problem with all of that. The mortar, two spotters, and the cheapest German airplane will run you 43 points. That's almost half your army. Throw in the Nashorn, and you only have 12 points left.

I guess you could add the SS-Haupsturmfurer and the SS-Panzergrenadier in order to overtake the objective. You'd have initiative (I think +3 is the largest initiative in the game). Neither of the 14 point planes have much of an attack against a vehicle (5/4/1 with the spotter). Your only effective vehicle deterrent is the Nashorn.

I jotted the following note last night regarding the Nashorn:

if hills then good, else weak

Next time I roll Axis and the map has an abundance of hills, I may try this army. My opponent last night commented that some maps have hills in the corner. With a range of 20, that little bastard should be able to cover the entire board.
The army seems small, and there's not much protection against vehicles, so I may need to tweak it a little.

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Kevin said...

I just got a text from last night's opponent that reminds me...
No matter how close your spotter gets to a sniper, your mortar CANNOT attack (atleast, not if you have him sitting way back in the rear of the field - as I recommended above).

JustinH said...

Kevin is quickly working his way up the learning curve!! We've played 4 games in the last 2 days and tonight he picked up his first win! Congrats!!!
Biggest weakness so far- overly aggressive with his armor.

Gotta watch out for shots against your armor before and after you move!!