Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Session 1 of 8

Justin finished with 7 points
Ritter and Adam each pulled 4 points
Brad hauled in 1 point

Point system
5 points for total destruction
4 points for objective control (after 7 turns)
3 points for win by points (objective contested after 7 turns)
1 point for loss by points (objective contested after 7 turns)

We'll hold 7 more sessions over the next several months and you will keep your top 6 scores so everyone has a chance to score the massive and sought after TROPHY!!!!


JustinH said...

Scores from Session 2
justin 13
adam 12
dave 6
brad 6
kevin 2

JustinH said...

Scores from Session 3
justin 11
adam 1
kevin 6
dave 7
brad 5

I am missing the outcome of Brad vs Adam so their scores are only 2 games each. Also I didn't include my score vs Kevin since that was my 4th game of the day.

Brad said...

I think scoring may need to be adjusted b/c loss on points is one and not two according to original system. My result from last game with Adam was 3-1 on points in my favor.